Apr 14 2015

One of the fantastic features of the Docker platform is the events API. This enables tools like Registrator and Logspout to listen for container events like starting and stopping, then act on them.

The Docker API documentation provides a list of the available events, but does not include much detail on what they mean and when they will occur. Since many of our tools depend on the events API, we’ve put together a chart illustrating the events triggered throughout the lifecycle of a Docker container (as of Docker version 1.5 / API version 1.17):

Docker events diagram

A few container-related events are not included in this illustration since they are not affected by container state:

  • export emitted by docker export
  • exec_create emitted by docker exec
  • exec_start also emitted by docker exec after exec_create

There are also several events not in this diagram that are related to Docker images rather than containers:

  • import emitted by docker import
  • pull emitted by docker pull
  • untag emitted by docker rmi
  • delete emitted by docker rmi

Running docker rmi emits an untag event when removing an image tag name. The rmi command may also emit delete events for any image IDs deleted, either by deleting an image by ID directly, or deleting the last tag referring to it.

We encourage more people to take advantage of the Docker events API, and we hope this diagram is useful. The Docker team is considering including this diagram in the documentation.

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